Healthweg is offering you diet plans for your lifestyle diseases.


We must understand that today, the products we buy in supermarkets are highly contaminated by pesticides and herbicides. That is why it is necessary that, as far as possible, we base our diet.


Get guidance on weight management, lifestyle diseases & healthy diet.


We all have varied nutritional requirements, just as we all have diverse personalities, DNA, and unique fingerprints. There are metabolic differences, everyone reacts to food differently, calorie intake varies from person to person, and many other elements are considered, which is why the notion of "Personalized diets" is gaining popularity nowadays and Healthweg have experts who can help you to solve your concerns in easy & tasty way.

  • Consult Doctor Online

    Our dietician and associated doctors will provide you the online consultaiton. You can ask for this using application. 

  • Food Suggessions

    In this application we have given the detailed food suggestions as per the various disease.

  • Home Remedies

    We have also provided the details about home remedies as per the diseases

  • Things to Take care

    We provide details on what to eat what to not. 

Are you still confused about how does HealthWeg work?

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