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What we offer?

We treat the cause, and not just symptoms as we believe when your body is healthy the “symptoms” disappear. Healthweg is modern healthcare platform which provides science backed DTx programs for various health concerns through Functional & Holistic Medicine.

Health coaching

Personalized guidance from a dedicated team of health coaches who are certified doctors, specialists, nutritionists and fitness experts.

Holistic healing

Achieve the best quality of life, be it feeling confident in your body, improving your energy levels/immunity, or preventing possibility of future ailments.

Diet consultation

Personalized diet plans for you. We believe in making your plan simple yet interesting by ensuring easy availability and enough variety. We also love cheat days!

Fitness sessions

Our Fitness coaches design workout routines for people of all age-groups and different abilities while taking into account their specific requirements.


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Weight loss
Period issues
Pregnancy queries
Skin issues
Unhealthy lifestyle

Our Real World Success Stories

Simplified Painless Periods
Name - Sadhana
Age - 31y/ F
I never knew PCOD is such a serious issue until I spoke to the wellness coach of Healthweg. I learnt that PCOD increases the risk of infertility, diabetes and complicated pregnancy. With the holistic approach that I was made to follow, I could change my lifestyle, diet, habits and could conceive in the most healthy way.
They even helped my partner's health also.
A very simple realistic approach and always available health coach is the major benefits of Healthweg.
Simplified Motherhood
Name - Ridhima
Age - 32y/ F
Healthweg coaches gave a lot of insights and made me understand parenting responsibility starts from the pregnancy itself and not after the baby is born.
The pregnancy nutrition support made me understand about mom's weight gain, fetus weight gain, avoiding diabetes, getting ready for breastfeeding etc. This team caters to pregnancy discomforts, mental health, diet, nutrition and lactation. They really involve the partner and family too in the complete care.
Thanks to healthweg. i wish to take their services in our parenting journey and baby health also.
Simplified Weight Loss
Name - Sandhya
Age - 25y/ F
I on boarded with Healthweg for their Weight management trial program for 21 days.
Health coach is quite friendly and guided me almost daily on my health goals.
As they set phase-by-phase goals, I felt it easier and simple in the process .
I lost 1 kg in 15 days and looking forward to more results ahead. I started feeling energetic during the day with regular exercise and hunger pranks came down with more protein and fiber foods in the meal plan
Health coaches are also always available on WhatsApp which is one of the best benefits of this platform.

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