It is Health that is Real Wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” -Mahatma Gandhi


India has shifted from an era dominated by disease burden linked to infectious diseases, children, and maternal fatalities to one dominated by lifestyle disease. People must adapt to a mix of four healthy lifestyle factors: maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet, and not smoking.


From voice commands to cell phones, these convenient items have made life much easier for us, resulting in little physical activity and a decrease in social interaction. With all of these technologies, we have made significant progress in encountering lifestyle disorders.


Food is the medicine for lifestyle diseases. It is important to have an active lifestyle with balanced eating to prevent the incidences of lifestyle disorders. We all have varied nutritional requirements, just as we all have diverse personalities, DNA, and unique fingerprints. There are metabolic differences, everyone reacts to food differently, calorie intake varies from person to person, and many other elements are considered, which is why the notion of "Personalized diets" is gaining popularity nowadays.